Hilberticus Help

Getting started

To start just enter a simple formula about sets. As variables you can use any string of letters and numbers as long as it begins with a letter, e.g.: A, B, C, a, b, c, tt3, At333, fgT55, ... . Any variable is a set, or to be more precise, a class. Use the  buttons 4+1 logical and the 8 set operators to type your formula. Once the formula is completed, press "Evaluate" to let Hilberticus decide
whether the entered formula is true. That is, whether the formula is universally true for all sets.

To facilitate the typing of formulas you can use the F-keys to enter operators. Just hover over the button and the name and assigned key will be displayed. The buttons in the interface are arranged similar to the keyboard keys (the buttons on the top are the function keys). After you have entered the formula, note that certain function buttons become available, depending on the type of formula you entered. But right now ignore them and press the big evaluate button in the lower right corner (or shift-enter). The display above the evaluate button will show whether the formula is true, inconsistent, satisfiable or whether you have made a syntax error. You may now input another formula or change the existing one. and evaluate them.

For satisfiable formulas, use the "Example" and "Counter Ex" buttons to generate examples and counter-examples in the form of Venn diagrams.

Use the menu options to save, load, edit, and print your formulas.